Check out the beginnings of an herb spiral I am making for my mom’s garden as a Christmas gift. I hope she likes it! Any ideas for what herbs to plant when spring comes?

Also a little backstory on how to build an herb spiral garden:

I went to multiple permaculture websites and saw plans and designs for spiral gardens. Most of the websites said that building the spiral would take days. With the help of my friends Krugs and Sebasti, we were able to build the whole thing in one day. 

We went rockhunting in the mountains near where I live (not recommended or totally legal) and filled up a quarter of a pick-up truck bed with some sandstone we found scattered on the side of the road. 

Back in the garden we laid down some newspaper and then spent about 45 minuntes forming the spiral. It is kind of like doing a 3-D puzzle. For the middle we used some old cement pavers to make a sturdy tower and worked outwards. I think finding jagged rocks is better since smooth rocks are harder to build with.

Then I put two bags of soil and a bag of steer manure in the spiral and finished it off with some extra mushroom compost and soil from the yard.

There is not much to plant in the winter so we will have to wait for spring, especially since my mom wants lots of italian herbs like oregano and rosemary to cook with.

A pretty easy little project for a free day and I think most gardeners or chefs always dream of fresh herbs from their own back yard.

Merry Christmas everyone!